Ongoing efforts


Confronted with exceedingly fierce competition throughout our society, we have no choice but to locate a series of measures to make us competent enough to survive well. Among all the measures taken are our ongoing efforts that really matter to us when it comes to fulfilling our objective at length. Here are a handful of reasons that make me subscribe to this conception. 


If complacent with our current achievement, we may possibly end up remaining stagnant in what we have achieved, paving the way for the degradation of our ability. In light of this, we have to, no matter how difficult it is, do all we can to keep our incessant efforts so exuberant that we are not to be left incompetent or outmoded in what we do. Always keep in mind the importance of ceaseless efforts as the very foundation of our competitiveness that can help defend our own position so as not to be ruthlessly phased out. 



To well sustain our ongoing efforts, there is a desperate need for us to locate our incentive, something that can keep our efforts from being harmed or deteriorating. But unfortunately, many students are found devoid of strong incentives to keep their efforts thriving so that they can remain capable of prevailing over other rivals. As a consequence, their competitive advantage may thus start to gradually decline or radically plummet if the situation aggravates. To evade the dilemma like such, you are strongly recommended to rely heavily on your ongoing efforts to prevent the same undesirable situation as was highlighted above. Again, our strong incentive, when we are engulfed by so many trivial, insignificant issues, can be referred to as imperative in keeping our incentive vibrant enough to make us accessible to more success. 


On the other hand, from a much more pragmatic standpoint, we may readily see that we are fearful of being denied or demeaned amongst people, mainly due to the consideration of our self-dignity. To counter this problem, our ongoing efforts, if fully implemented, can literally let us be immune from such an undesirable situation. That is, our ceaseless efforts are to let others have a positive perspective in regard to what we have as our mental philosophy, and how we are going to behave in the future. 


Indeed, if asked what makes me continue to remain competitive in the realm of my career, I would undoubtedly respond by saying that it is my ongoing efforts that have kept me moving forwards; as a result, little did I have the chance of being supplanted by others. From this standpoint comes my affirmative conviction that you should also cling to your ongoing efforts to make yourself even more valuable than ever. 





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