In the morning


Abruptly waking up in the early morning, I found something popping out from my mind. That is, not too many people are fully aware of how precious it is to access the most valuable time of our daily life called morning. Oftentimes, we may very likely witness old people doing exercise in the park, but scarcely can we see some young people waking up during that time, depriving them of such a wonderful time that could otherwise be employed to do something to their advantage.


What makes the morning time so precious and invaluable is that our mind can be exceedingly sharp in the absence of any perplexity or slow-paced reaction. That means, our sharp and acute mind will enable us to analyze things extremely well. So, rather than adhering to our sleeping, we are supposed to wake up just a bit earlier to avail ourselves of this great period of time to do something, such as reading or listening to English broadcasting, to mark a fairly good commencement for our whole day to come. Relatively short but valuable, our morning time, if well employed, may give rise to an unprecedented learning efficiency to all of you as students. 


   A groundless theory sometimes may mislead us to such a great extent that we may be stranded in our inaccurate implementation for the fruitless theory. In light of this, I ever tried to substantiate whether or not the morning time can be more constructive to us in terms of the reactive ability of our brain. It was my personal finding that I was able to figure out the whole content of English broadcasting during the early morning. On the contrary, during the night time, my English listening ability was found inferior when weighed against that of morning. In fact, I was stunned to behold such a conspicuous variation reflected from two different periods of time of learning efficiency. However, this finding made me fully convinced that we have do all we can to make use of our precious morning time to engage in our learning activity, especially for English. 


Intriguing as it is, too much sleeping in the morning, in my view, can and must be eradicated to the fullest so that we may enormously benefit from this precious period of time to reinforce our capability as students. To my knowledge, those who were deeply and frequently involved in their job performance during the midnight are very likely to end up having less effective working efficiency, which has been evidenced by the recent scientists in the spectrum of psychology. Hence, rather than squandering our most precious morning time, we ought to exploit its best value to engage in something that can make our life more valuable. 





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