In-depth assessment for so-called mania


It has always been my habitual inclination to delve into anything closely associated with how to augment my students’ efficiency. It is on account of my greater expectation for my students’ success in the spectrum of learning English that this habit has been highly valued in my mind, and thus hard to be eradicated. Again, I was the one who may have access to a series of benefits derived from what is called mania; as a result, I also long to make this imperative element of learning accessible to you as well. In light of this, my lecture today is to help you through what it is like to learn with the aid of this invincible factor necessary for your success in learning English. 


Mania, stemming from our robust urge as a momentum, may keep us totally immersed in our full preoccupation. As a result, we may tend to become distracted for anything adjacent to us. However, this phenomenon may possibly engender others’ stunning eyes or feeling of our indifference to them. As it turns out, it may somewhat undermine our relationship with them, as a result of their discontent with and misinterpretation for our seemingly eccentric or preposterous behavior. However, we are not supposed to be intimidated by their inappropriate but normal reaction to how we act in terms of our learning behavior. Besides, among all the factors for Einstein’s success in finding relativity is his full immersion in expedition of physics that made him able to fulfill his dream. So, the reliability and credibility of my conception can be evidenced by the aforementioned illustration. Thus, never should we be fearful of any opposition to our mania so that our learning efficiency can be substantially augmented. 


Mania to me encompasses another intriguing factor that deserves to be noticed by each one of you. That is, it may keep you immune from the eyes or judgment of others so well that your adamant will is not to be eroded by any reason, whatsoever. As a consequence, even if assailed by any setback or obstacle, you may keep your persistence intact and strong enough to confront your remaining task without being shattered by any outer force. Again, when it comes to coping with our objective, our fortitude can help shield our mindset in order to counter any undesirable things such as depression or shrinkage from what we actually longed for. Given this, there is absolutely no reason that we can detest the very function of our mania. 


Another peculiar property belonging exclusively to mania is its function of readily constructing our professional image amongst people. For example, any painter is not to be referred to as a professional painter provided he is found falling short of a professional painter’s attribute, namely the stain of oil painting on both his body and clothes. This is simply and precisely on account of his shortage of sublime immersion. In fact, it has been verified by those outstanding psychologists that our professionalism may help cement people’s trust, confidence and inclination to deal with us. In our society marked by its emphasis upon expertise and professionalism, with the aid of our mania comes more likelihood of our professional image instrumental to our professional status, which I strongly believe is vital to our success. 


Ambiguous and scarce as it is, our mania can be made available, provided we become fully conscious of those points highlighted above. They are mainly composed of several benefits derived from mania, including helping constitute our professional image, immersion for what we do, and indifference to people’s eyes. Prior to contemplating having your own success in learning English, make sure that you ought to be equipped with the inevitable, imperative element named mania so that you may make your success draw near. 





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