I like dreaming. 


Accompanied by this subtle song featuring its impeccable, impressive, and inspiring lyrics, I was able to go through lots of tedious moment when studying in college. Since I ever tremendously benefited from the aid and company of this song, I singled out the title of this song for my lecture today, with a view to making you fully comprehend how to let your dream become something that can keep you immensely inspired. 


Very often, people tend to misinterpret the very variation between dreaming and fantasizing, due to their inconspicuous difference and much similarity. Unlike fantasy that is characterized by its unlikelihood to be made possible, dreaming seems to be relatively feasible and thus more valuable. As a result, it may give rise to lots of momentum desperately needed for our further actions to be taken. That is, dreaming, on many occasions, especially when we are depressed and bombarded by monotony derived from fulfilling our regular or mechanical task, can keep us exuberant in our spirit and imbued with stamina. The fact shows that a positive dream can make a person more vibrant and energetic in confronting his/her life, and that dream can in turn engender our optimism advantageous to the way we glance at our own life. 


On the other hand, dream can shed light on us when it comes to locating our clear-cut direction so that we are not to end up becoming aimless. Simply put, this great device, if well employed, will make us able to be immune from disorientation-in which lots of precious time and substantial investments are to be in vain. For this reason, oftentimes we ought to keep reminding ourselves of the importance of coming up with our own dreams, the function of which can help identify our objective best suited to us. Additionally, the emergence of our dreams can let us have a great opportunity to draw on our infinite imagination as the very foundation for the formation of our dream. Enormously buttressed by our boundless imagination, lots of constructive ideas are to pop out without any limit. More important is that exposure to those concepts yielded can eventually keep us on the right track, rather than being derailed. 


However, dreaming alone is not to get the job done in terms of generating something instrumental to our life. That means, our ensuing actions to be taken are what is to determine whether we may fulfill our dream. The fact shows that many people are aware of how to come up with their own dreams, but fail to embark on their subsequent actions needed to make their dream a reality. This phenomenon is partially caused by their sense of fear and lack of confidence. Under such circumstances, dreaming does not have any substantial repercussion on their life. Thus, our actions have to ensue right after our dream starts to surface for further implementation so that we may harvest the best outcome stemming from our dream.


Never should we remain hesitant in having our own dreams, on account of those benefits underscored and showcased above. They consist of optimism, momentum and, in particular, shedding light on us. That is, the emergence of our dreams may in effect make us more willing to face our each day, for we are to become someone equipped with greater expectation as a result of the participation of our dreams in our life. Fearless of having our dreams, we may more likely become next candidate for success. 




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