The perseverance and determination are more vital than inborn IQ in making us succeed.


While going through a short news broadcasting, I inadvertently noticed an encouraging slogan, namely, the full statement highlighted above. Indeed, this concept, indicative of its supreme value in inspiring our youths today, deserves to be comprehensively assessed by each one of you so that you may be more likely to be accessible to your wanted success. Thus, instead of having an inaccurate perception toward IQ, embracing what is called perseverance and determination for the sake of acquiring success tends to be far more rational and feasible to us. 


A good IQ is more likely to keep us stranded in our own complacent mindset where further evolution and enduring metamorphosis may come to a halt, a tragedy for those who are truly gifted. With this in mind, regardless of how intelligent or gifted you are, you are supposed to distance yourself from the incursion of paying too much attention to your IQ inherited from your genetical parents. Rather, you should be well equipped with a more strong-minded mental state featuring your relentless efforts as the very foundation necessary for your attempted success. On the other hand, those equipped with good IQs may be prone to demean the importance of making more efforts, for tackling things seems far from arduous to them. Under such circumstances, they are more inclined to misinterpret or downgrade the essence and importance of ongoing efforts, a fact that is detrimental to their more fruitful future. 


To further manifest my standpoint with reference to this aforementioned concept, let us turn our full attention to what constitutes the value of our life. Life is so intriguing to us simply because of its challenging, unpredictable attribute; as a result, anything is possible, especially with the aid of our perseverance and reluctance to succumb to our setbacks confronted. Under such circumstances, rather than holding an unreliable, pessimistic attitude toward our inborn IQ, we ought to remain even more aggressive in embodying our knowledge, along with our authentic skills derived from our incessant trials and practice. The supreme value of our life, from my modest standpoint, truly lies in our prospective future well founded on our utmost perseverance, together with another indispensable element called determination, that truly constitutes the value our life. In other words, our adamant property of personality and optimistic perceptive viewpoints toward life are to subsequently garner people’s best recognition. 


In desperate need of success to make ourselves fully convinced that our life is worthwhile and worth our further expedition, we have no choice but to locate what is more likely to make possible our intended success. However, should we pay too much attention to something that cannot be altered or ameliorated, such as our inherent IQ passed on to us by our parents? Undoubtedly, anyone witty enough to make simple assessment or calculation is to by all means access something that can be more viable and at his full mercy, inclusive of both perseverance and determination which I believe prevail over our inborn IQ in terms of their importance in making us more eligible to succeed. 





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