Application is the key to everything, especially learning.


Mindless of what is central to our ultimate learning outcome, we may very possibly end up wasting our precious time in the absence of achieving our desperately wanted goal. But again, to put into effect our acquired knowledge is in desperate need of a strong urge. In light of this, let me comprehensively elucidate why this point plays a pivotal role in determining whether we can succeed in learning English. The purpose of doing this is to help prevent you from being stranded in your predicament of learning with no way out. 


Full implementation of what we learn can keep us exhilarating precisely because of our sense of achievement. Buttressed by this great concept, we are definitely going to remain pragmatic and vibrant in seeking our solid knowledge. That is, our execution of knowledge may let us have the very perception that what we have already learned is valuable. And primarily because of the emergence of this feeling, our willingness to learn is not to fade away for any reason, whatsoever. Under such circumstances, our aspiration toward learning is to be doubled or enormously augmented for sure. Unwillingness to apply our knowledge learned, to the contrary, may let us feel that what we learned does not have any interaction with or impact upon our daily life, resulting in the erosion of our desire of learning.


On the other hand, implementing our knowledge to our daily life can be an apparatus to not merely identify our problem of learning, but help locate our vulnerability. In short, it may let us come up with a full picture as to what needs to be further conducted to make us more capable at length. This great device, from my standpoint, can be to our advantage if fully implemented. For instance, many students, failing to recognize this notion, ended up in their dilemma of being incapable of employing their English ability to engage in a competent communication with foreigners. This undesirable situation could have been well prevented had they become fully conscious of the importance of implementation as the key to their competence in learning English. Given that implementation of our knowledge is so critical to the completion of our learning, we should, without delay, embark on the action of using our knowledge. 


As has been explicitly depicted above, the concept of carrying out what we have learned has its invincible position in terms of our learning. Thus, when it come to learning English, equipping ourselves with this concept does seem indispensable to us provided we don’t feel inclined to turn out to be a loser. That is, let us live in harmony with the employment of our English ability derived from our learning so that we may truly manipulate and prevail over English in the long run. 




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